The zomerbar


Now we are in august and the zomerbar (summerbar) at de Hoge Rielen already takes place for the second month.

Every wednesday evening during july and august there is a concert in front of the café. Different local bands attract not only people who are staying or working at de Hoge Rielen, but also people from Kasterlee, etc.

This year the zomerbar takes place for the first time in front of the café and the restaurant due to the renovations in the kitchen. But the new location will probably be the new place for the zomerbar in the next years as well, because it is a great location that people who pass by can easily find.


One of the caracters of the zomerbar is the colourful decoration. Therefore Javi and I started repainting the benches and tables on the terras with frech and colourful stripes. The first day also Milana, the EVS from Destelheide, was here and helped us with painting. But the extrem weather changes made that task a little difficult for us: in the beginning it was with 36 degrees way too hot to paint in the afternoon in the middle of the sun and later some raining days made it impossible to paint the wet benches. But Javi decided to paint during the evening when the weather was ok.


Javi also painted the wooden sticks and helped setting them around the podiums while I spent several days with preparing the light chains: I checked if all of them are working and then I also cut one long chain into 3 smaller chaines, took away some lights from a long chain and put them on the small chains for having more lights in a smaller distance. It was fun and very interesting!

The painted sticks with the colourful light chains give now a nice atmosphere to the zomerbar during the day and also at night.

During the concert evenings  we also help working in the zomerbar selling drinks and snacks to the people and learn a lot about how to pour the many belgium beers correctly into the right beer glasses: every beer has its own special glass and for the “normal” beer the foam has to be cut if it grows higher than the glass.

Not only during the concerts the zomerbar is a succes, but also the other days during the week, people enjoy the nice atmosphere while sitting on the benches with a drink like for example the « gemberlimonade », a house made cocktail which is only available during the summer!



The Summer is here


Long time without writing but it doesn´t means nothing happened. In fact, there are a lot of news from the last month that we would like to share with you.

Finally we had the arrival training with the rest of the volunteers in Belgium and Netherlands during one week on Destelheide. This event is very important for many things, of course, one of these things is you meet a lot of new people who is sharing the same experience than you, which means in many cases, similar interests, same doubts, Continue reading “The Summer is here”

First steps in Belgium

DSC_0110The spring is passing and the forest is getting more green and shinning when the weather is good. When that happens the place is colorful and warm and it is perfect for hiking and scouting. These first two months have been running very fast and they have served for getting used to the domein and the different places we work: technical service, kitchen, klimbos, etc… Continue reading “First steps in Belgium”

A new EVS beginning


Now it’s time to take the relay from Ania and Max. We are Javi and Vanessa, the new volontiers and we hope our experience is as good as theirs last year.

Javi comes from Vigo in the north of Spain, he likes doing all kind of sports and is impatient to start the work at the klimbos. He also likes photography and finds this forest a perfect place for it. Continue reading “A new EVS beginning”


It’s passing 8th month of my life in Belgium, time being also the longest period I’ve ever lived abroad. It’s definately enough time for noticing things characteristic for country and people living there, good as well as bad. But today I’ll focus on the best, 8 things I’ll miss after leaving Belgium and which make me finally thinking: ‘It may be not soo bad idea to stay here for longer…’.