This week we were invited to attend a survival workshop – outdoor school belgium

On that morning, we were awaken by the alarm clocks in our phones and we took a hot shower by simply opening the tap. We boiled some tea water on the electric stove, while listening to Mogli (Amel’s favourite artist at the moment) through a bluetooth speaker. We left the house by bike and we went to the middle of our forest where the training could begin. Continue reading “Barefoot”



Hello everyone!

This past couple of weeks, our forest has been awoken from the darkness by a festival – WinterWarm. A joined effort between de Hoge Rielen and de Warande (culture center in Turnhout), this event was way more popular than we initially thought – especially because of the cold and rainy weather.

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Hello everyone!

We just reached home from our 6 day on arrival training in Hanenbos. The place is very similar to de Hoge Rielen with a huge forest around – we were told that somewhat secluded locations work better for these kind of things. Apparently young people and a city center full of bars are not the ideal conditions to learn (whaaat?).

So all the EVS volunteers in Flanders got together on a Monday without knowing much of what would happen next. But rest assured – so much have happened during these days that it felt like we were there way more than a week. We don’t want to get into too much detail in case one of our dear readers is going through this experience in the future – half of the fun is not knowing what is going on with those group dynamics. And you make the most friends when everyone is feeling lost #psychologyrocks.

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The Fallen Booms



It’s January, a very uncommon time to start an EVS here at de Hoge Rielen but the impact was already pretty big!
We are Ana from Portugal and Amel from Austria.
You will be getting to know us better in the next blog-posts which will be published on a regular basis.

As you can already see and will see in the pictures down below something very crazy happened to the trees.
An unusually strong storm hit the country right in our first night here. We were so tired from our trip that we didn’t even realize until next morning when everyone was so scared and talking about it.

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