EVS Mid-Term training


After having the arrival training with the rest of the european volunteers from Belgium and Netherlands some months ago, now it was the turn for having the mid-term training and meet everybody again.

The arrival training took place in Belgium so, in the mid-term training was our turn to visit the Netherlands, so it took place in De Haag. Continue reading “EVS Mid-Term training”


Herfst op De Hoge Rielen


The summer passed by and now it is autumn at De Hoge Rielen. This weekend it was getting really warm again and it felt like a late summer in which yellow and red leaves give a colourful atmosphere to the forest. Autumn is the time of the chestnuts and mushrooms! We can find plenty of chestnuts in the forest and different kinds of mushrooms sprout up from ground.

Continue reading “Herfst op De Hoge Rielen”

Zomeracademie en zomer


Again I am here for telling you about the many things have happened during this summer. This summer, for the first time we had the opportunity to participate in the “Zomeracademie” which is organized by Destelheide near Brussels, the partner organization of De Hoge Rielen. Unfortunately, Vanessa could not assist due personal commitments during that week. Continue reading “Zomeracademie en zomer”

The Summer is here


Long time without writing but it doesn´t means nothing happened. In fact, there are a lot of news from the last month that we would like to share with you.

Finally we had the arrival training with the rest of the volunteers in Belgium and Netherlands during one week on Destelheide. This event is very important for many things, of course, one of these things is you meet a lot of new people who is sharing the same experience than you, which means in many cases, similar interests, same doubts, Continue reading “The Summer is here”

First steps in Belgium

DSC_0110The spring is passing and the forest is getting more green and shinning when the weather is good. When that happens the place is colorful and warm and it is perfect for hiking and scouting. These first two months have been running very fast and they have served for getting used to the domein and the different places we work: technical service, kitchen, klimbos, etc… Continue reading “First steps in Belgium”