Vlaanderen Evenementenland!


Doing an EVS project at de Hoge Rielen is obviously not only staying in the domein and in summer there is so much to do in Flemish cities. Right now there is a big event in Gent, one of the most beautiful cities of this region: Gentse Feesten. The atmosphere there is really nice: you can find a stage in every corner of the city with different music styles and you can meet people from all over Europe there.

Not long ago, I went to Leuven (also a very nice city) to meet two friends and we went to a multicultural festival, where I tasted food from different countries and listened to music from all over the world.

There are so many events and festivals and not only cities offer that. De Kempen is also a cozy place to do things. Last weekend was the Sjock festival: three days of Rock & Roll. And this place is really near from de Hoge Rielen; you can even go by bike.

Here are some pictures of my friends and me having a good time in België :20150718_192430

Gentse Feesten (Gent)


City trip (Brugge)


Festival in Leuven


Goezot-Hofke (Oud-Turnhout)

Salukes en tot binnenkort!!