Hello everyone!

This past couple of weeks, our forest has been awoken from the darkness by a festival – WinterWarm. A joined effort between de Hoge Rielen and de Warande (culture center in Turnhout), this event was way more popular than we initially thought – especially because of the cold and rainy weather.


The goal was to illuminate the domain, bringing together numerous forms of artistic expression in a friendly environment where everyone could appreciate it. There were a lot of families with children, as well as couples or groups of friends walking around the forest in the evenings – quite impressive if you ask some non-belgian folks as us.

We helped a bit where we could – mostly working as park guards or serving drinks at the bar. We also embraced the group spirit, joining everyone around the fire (with a cold one in our hand).

IMG_2666 2

One of the best sugarcoats of all time were the special edition postcards! They were available at the café, as well as a post box, so everyone could write one and send love through the mail. We have evidence that some made it to Austria (though Portugal is taking longer).



“Bad weather always looks worse through a window – and people in Belgium know that.”


Authors: Ana Patrícia Pereira en Amel Majanovic


PS: Jump into our next post, coming soon! =D




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