This week we were invited to attend a survival workshop – outdoor school belgium

On that morning, we were awaken by the alarm clocks in our phones and we took a hot shower by simply opening the tap. We boiled some tea water on the electric stove, while listening to Mogli (Amel’s favourite artist at the moment) through a bluetooth speaker. We left the house by bike and we went to the middle of our forest where the training could begin.

The first step (quite literally) was to get rid of the modern life and connect with our inner cave wo/man. We needed to become aware of our forest in an primitive way – seeing without looking, moving without a sound.
So we got rid of our footwear (it was only 2°C, our favourite temperature!) and we learned not only to be in the forest, but to be part of it.

On our walk through the woods, our surival mentor gave us valuable tips on how to find adequate material to start a fire from scratch.
Preparation is key, think small for a perfect start, and don’t light it up until you truly believe that you will succeed.

If all the stars are aligned, you can bring the spark to the tinder and ignite the fire.
When making a fire with your bare hands you just realise: it is both our dearest friend and our most feared enemy. Be mindful when you use it.

IMG_1711 2

You can feel it breathe like a living being, it arises from a little spark to a grown up flame.

IMG_1714 2

“The most tangible of all visible mysteries – fire” (Leigh Hunt)


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