Challenge Accomplished!

Hello everyone!

It’s been a while since we last wrote to you but that’s only because of the great news: Yigit finally arrived! The world of burocracy is tough but we are together now <3


With Yigit’s arrival, we (Amel and Ana) were invited to reflect about everything that we have learned in these past weeks and we realised it was way more than we were aware. We’ve met and became close to other EVSers who we call friends now; we know our way in the forest (almost) by heart; we are one with the belgium winter and ecological mobility (yay bikes and electric cars!). We have travelled a bit and we know the easiest and cheapest ways to reach any part of Flandres and the Netherlands. Also, beers!

To make up for any lost time, Yigit started learning as soon as he stepped in the domain. Bikes are pretty handy around here so learning how to ride one was a priority. The learning curve skyrocketed as he mastered it in one day!


Other than that, we have been taking care of the klimbos area, which will be open soon. These last two weeks have been particularly cold (the coldest since ’93) but that doesn’t stop us from outdoor activities/work. Even though it can leave us exhausted at times (a difference of 20 degrees is not easy to handle).

All three of these awesome volunteers are Marvel fans so we went for our first night out at Turnhout theatre. We invited some of our friends, even those who haven’t even watched a Marvel movie yet (whaaat), and off we went to “Black Panther”. Spoiler alert: it’s amazing. Of course the journey didn’t end there – after a bike ride through the pitch dark forest… welcome to our living room =D


“Change is the end result of all true learning” (Leo Buscaglia)


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