Monkey For One Day

Which of you always wanted to be an animal for one day?
Today we had our chance!

First of all, we would like to explain what klimbos means. The word ”klim” in Dutch means climbing and ” bos ” means forest. This activity is the jewel of the crown of de hoge rielen – in case we were still in royal times, you see. We visited it from the ground on the very first day (to check for damage after the big storm) and several times since. We helped clean and manage all the equipment necessary – helmets, harnesses, gloves, smartbelay. We were involved on the preparation of Gebouw 27 where the participants have the first contact with the material and are able to try it out themselves.

It was a slow built relationshiop and the first time we wandered up on the trees didn´t let us down!

It’s time for some fundamental safety instructions everyone learns before the first step above:
– always wear your harness through out the activity (and make it tight)
– wear your helmet even when you are on the ground
– always secure yourself as soon as you are on height
– leave enough space between you and the others

So the klimbos are finaly ready for the first adventure of the season, with a group of young adults from Ghent University. We joined them for our first time up too, therefore we were all really excited. There are four different paths with different levels of difficulty: green, blue, red and black. Everyone needs to start from the green or blue one (the easiest ones) to get the feeling of being on height indeed. After that, each participant can choose how to progress and how much challenge they are up for.


These are some sneak peeks of our parkour:


After everyone finished their paths on the klimbos, the next step is to wait for our turns at the zipline. This structure starts on the second floor of the tower and stretches for around 100m above the forest and over the lake. It is a lot of fun!
We wouldn´t want you guys to miss the opportunity of having a taste of it, so one of your dearest volunteers was crazy enough to jump on the zipline with his phone on his hand! (classic Amel =D)

How about that? Just come and join us, you know you want to!


“Anything that gets your blood racing is probably worth doing.” (Hunter S. Thompson)


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