An EVS Sneak Peek

European Voluntary Service: A New Hope

It is the 21st century and Europe is awesome.
Young people from all over are flying to everywhere else in order to make friends, help society and be so deep out the comfort zone everyone feels like drowning a bit.
Our heroes Ana, Amel and Yigit chose Belgium for a destination – mostly because of the beer and the chocolate. And to help society, yes.

During the voluntary service, they will find themselves visiting a different city every weekend, sleeping on random couches all over Flandres and eating fries. A lot of fries. Seriously, how are these guys still losing weight?!
Thanks to de Hoge Rielen and their awesome staff, our heroes will travel far far away into the galaxy in between actual work. Which is just more fun, really.
These were just 24h in an EVSer life.
Thanks to the lovely cities of Gent, Oudenaarde and Antwerpen. And thanks to all the brave princesses featuring this video, including Lilit, Stefania and Zeynep.
The journey shall continue…

“Traveling tends to magnify all human emotions.” — Peter Hoeg



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