Looking for new EVS volunteers

Hello everyone!

We want to expand our family so we are looking for new volunteers!

If you’re looking for a new adventure or just a change of pace; between 18 and 30, this is the place!

Just come to live in this amazing forest, surrounded  by magical creatures like deers, bunnies and squirrels. Featuring rivers of belgian beer, mountains of belgian chocolate, fields of waffles and the ultimate vulcano of fries!
You would get to work at:

THE BAR – you’ll be a bartender in this lovely bar – #belgianbeers


THE KLIMBOS – you’ll guide groups in the climbing parcours


THE BESTELLINGEN – environmental friendly deliveries inside the domain


The schedule includes at least 2 days off a week, a lot of time to travel and to meet with all the international friends you’ll make along the way. As you know, EVS is all about developing your soft skills so you’ll have time to work on a personal project of your choice.

EVS – New Travel, Friends and Family

The accommodation –  you’ll live in a shared house with other EVSers while you’ll have your own room with a double bed. Food is provided as well as a bike #legdayeveryday


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For more info about pocket money and other details click –> here

Stay tuned for our next episode on how to tavel cheap in and around Belgium!
next Sunday(-ish)


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