Het filmpje!

As promised, here is the short film about de Hoge Rielen. It’ll give you a brief overview about the organisation and the different departments or diensten where I’m involved in. (clic on the youtube link at the bottom of the post)

So one of my projects is ready, but there are still many appealing activities for the following weeks: tomorrow is my frist day of training to give the workshop Bouwen met hout en touw myself. It’s a really enjoyable workshop, where we build an exciting parcours with timber and rope. The groups that come to do the activity learn how to make specific knots to build it up. It’s going to be spannend!!

On the other hand, Nederlands les is going on very well. Two evenings a week I’m attending to the course and the classroom environment is really nice. I enjoy meeting people from different countries and improving my dutch skills faster then I thought.

Enjoy het filmpje and tot binnenkort!!!


EVS-filmpje: introductie De Hoge Rielen