Zomeracademie 2018

It is autumn now, the season when everybody tries to find their own way to warm themselves. Fortunately, we have our memories which sometimes can serve as the source of energy and warmth during cold autumn evenings.


At the moment I cannot conceal a smile recollecting the time spent in the Summer Academy in Destelheide. Although it lasted only for a week from the sixteenth to the twenty-second of July, it still evokes sweet aftertaste in my mind.


The Summer Academy functioned as a creative space for those who had been searching for the atmospheric background full of like-minded individuals together with whom it was possible to create a product of art: material or unmaterial. We were able to choose between ten workshops such as: radio plays and sound stories; co-improvising images with objects; image and imagery; creative writing; pressing matters; costume and textile; theatre of the senses; happening sound; dance, composition and improvisation; experimental building and composing. Three of us chose three different workshops. Amel took part in “Image and Imagery”. David was attracted by “Experimental Building and Composing”. I could not participate in anything else except “Theatre of the Senses”.


39064427_10156614196494100_1389535371817123840_nMy workshop was conducted by Jean-Marie Oriot, a set designer, director and performer in various European companies and projects. He was able to build such an atmosphere for the participants from different countries, speaking different languages, working in different fields, that united us into one artistic organism investigating a poetic space as a tool for change.  

The results of our work were presented in one of last days. Finally, everybody managed to see with their own eyes what had been happening within the walls of other ateliers. If you also want to take a look at some of the photos and videos from the Summer Academy, follow the link: https://www.facebook.com/zomeracademie/39049642_10156614228029100_3496583560582660096_n

By Kristina Kitsula




It’s been so long time since I wrote in our blog last time (I leave that honor usually to Ania because she is much inspired  then me to write) but today I decided that I had somethings to say.

I have to complain and make compliments  (the gripes are easier and not to serious !!!)…



It’s been a two months since our arrival in De Hoge Rielen and still not cease to discover people, places and activities of this beautiful place! It’s hard to describe how this park can bring so much happiness to those who work here and those who simply spend their free time here, but I’ll try anyway to give you an idea….

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Enjoying time in Avontuurparcours

Not only our arrival was newness in de Hoge Rielen on the beginning of the season. Definately much more exciting was opening new Natuur & Avontuur attraction which was building during last year and which seems to be a big success for now. As an EVS volunteer I had a pleasure to be involved in the preparation process, to take a part in a big ‘try out’ and the most important I have a possibility to work as an assistant in Avontuurparcours now, what I enjoy a lot! Let’s get to know more about this place…

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Youthpass and Brainstorming

Goedemiddag allemaal!

After seven months at de Hoge Rielen, it’s time to begin thinking about the goals I achived in this project and the last things I still want to do at the organisation. A kind of feedback about everything I learned during this period, which will be written on an officially recognized certificate called youthpass. It is an Europe-wide instrument to confirm participation and to validate learning experience gained in projects of the ‘Youth in Action’ programme.
It is aimed at fostering the recognition of the non-formal learning outcomes gained in the projects.

So it’s time to sit down with a pen and paper to brainstorm. It’s the perfect time for it because it’s already
getting cold outside and it’s nice to spend some time doing indoor activities at N&A. I’m also still thinking about the new Avonturenparcours, exchanging ideas with the N&A team and It’s interesting to follow the progress of this project step by step. This parcours is going to be a real climbing adventure for all visitors coming next year.



‘t is herfst!

foto-rood-oranje-herfstblad-tegen-het-raam-geplakt-door-de-regen-hd-herfst-wallpaper-e1412686943927So much is going on at the moment at de Hoge Rielen, while the landscape is changing day by day. The first leaves have already fallen and you can see more and more mushrooms allover the domein. September is a busy month: “Back to school” means that many groups come to do workshops and it is the perfect time to improve my coaching skills and put them into practise. I’m acquiring new social skills and group leadership techniques at Natuur en Avontuur and I find them very useful and interesting. Especially the fact of doing it in another language makes it more challenging and appealing.

On the other hand, the building of the new herfst-achtergrond-met-rode-paddenstoel-in-het-bosAvonturenparcours has already begun. Our task at N&A is to define objectives and consider the educational purpose of the activity. We are selecting possible topics related to nature and wildlife to include them in the parcours which is ment to be ready for next year. It is not only a creative activity, but also a research activity that involves reading and learning about natural environments and animals.

So, I am facing a wide variety of tasks this automn and that sounds very good!