When you enter a new environment, doesn’t matter if it’s a new work, group of friends, country or even if you randomly meet new people you have to be always ready for hail of questions… And at the beginning you are of course a bit confused with answering but with time you realize that when you answer you don’t only answer to somebody, but mainly to yourself. Today I’m going to share with you the answer for the most frequently asked question since I decided to become volunteer for almost one year. Why I made this decision? Continue reading “WHY AM I A VOLUNTEER?”



It’s been a two months since our arrival in De Hoge Rielen and still not cease to discover people, places and activities of this beautiful place! It’s hard to describe how this park can bring so much happiness to those who work here and those who simply spend their free time here, but I’ll try anyway to give you an idea….

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Enjoying time in Avontuurparcours

Not only our arrival was newness in de Hoge Rielen on the beginning of the season. Definately much more exciting was opening new Natuur & Avontuur attraction which was building during last year and which seems to be a big success for now. As an EVS volunteer I had a pleasure to be involved in the preparation process, to take a part in a big ‘try out’ and the most important I have a possibility to work as an assistant in Avontuurparcours now, what I enjoy a lot! Let’s get to know more about this place…

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New is coming – EVS volunteers 2016

Together with arrival of the spring, although it’s still not easy to recognize it among ruling cold and wind, also new EVS volunteers came to de Hoge Rielen! Here we are, ready for upcoming adventures, dreaming up plans for the next 9 months in Belgium as we are enthusiastic travelers and especially looking forward to spend completely wonderful time in this peaceful, woodland paradise we felt in love from the first day. Continue reading “New is coming – EVS volunteers 2016”