Enjoying time in Avontuurparcours

Not only our arrival was newness in de Hoge Rielen on the beginning of the season. Definately much more exciting was opening new Natuur & Avontuur attraction which was building during last year and which seems to be a big success for now. As an EVS volunteer I had a pleasure to be involved in the preparation process, to take a part in a big ‘try out’ and the most important I have a possibility to work as an assistant in Avontuurparcours now, what I enjoy a lot! Let’s get to know more about this place…

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Het mooiste begeleiders team!

Hallo, hallo!

After ten days of vacation in Spain I’m back at de Hoge Rielen, ready to take part in more workshops. I’ve already made lots of plans for the next three months in België. It’s going to be very interesting!

I’m really looking forward to beginning my Nederlands Cursus in Turnhout. There I’ll meet new people from de Buurt and improve my dutch skills. It would be nice if I can write my last posts in het Nederlands by the end of the project.

Another great project for this months is to create a short film to show you a bit more about EVS at the Hoge Rielen. My plan is to include some nice interviews. I’ll tell you more about it soon :)

But the best thing about this plans is that I can count on a super team if I need some help. It’s the team from Natuur en Avontuur. They prepare and guide amazing activities and I am happy to be part of it.

Here are some pics of funny moments we spent together while we were getting ready for the workshops.

ws 1

Teambuilding N&A

ws 3

Vlotten bouwen

ws 2


Salukes en tot binnenkort!


Volunteers in Vlaanderen


Last weekend we had the Midterm Training for EVS volunteers, which means that we all volunteers staying in Vlaanderen spent a weekend together to share experiences and, of course, have a great time.

We had the chance to meet other volunteers from all over Europe and to know more about different EVS projects. The training took place in Dilbeek, in a quiet and cosy neighborhood, quite near from Brussels. There we stayed in a Jeugdcentrum from Friday to Sunday doing workshops and group activities.

11111120_448860768620913_4755770495390722710_nThis is a picture from one of the workshops, which was about finding ways to make our project more interesting in our free time. Here you can see me chatting with two nice volunteers from Iceland and from the Netherlands.

And here is a nice pic from us at the train station from Dilbeek!


Tot binnenkort!!